Insight for Innovation ®


Successful package and product innovation demands Design Research that is customized to address the key decision points throughout your development process.  KMG recognizes the distinct consumer insight and feedback requirements at each stage, and has created unique Design Research approaches to meet them.  Specifically:

  • Ideation Research that can unearth the emotional underpinnings and functional gaps that motivate consumers.  Findings can be accompanied by a Design Strategy and “Thought Starter” concepts to fuel creative exploration early in a program.
  • Concept Testing engages consumers in the most effective and rigorous ways to gather valid feedback on early-stage concepts and refine them real-time with on-site design capabilities.
  • Design Evaluation that thoroughly assesses the strongest design solutions to confirm perceptual and functional dynamics in optimized features, forms and ergonomics and prepare for formal design development.

KMG offers ingenious Design Research approaches at each stage of your project to build team consensus and drive decision making.

That’s Insight for Innovation.®

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