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KMG Design Research Approach

bottlesKMG Design Research drives deeper understanding, sharper strategy and better design at every project stage.  KMG Design Research can be utilized independently, or flexibly linked in ways unlike any off-the-shelf “process”.   KMG Design Research goes well beyond the basic reporting of research findings to translate results into a vivid, insightful and actionable Design Strategy that provides focused direction for the next project stage.  

KMG Design Strategy may include identifying unrecognized opportunities, gaps and risks.  And devising Innovation Platforms to focus and inspire creative exploration.  Patented (2009) graphic analytical tools make sure recommendations are clear, concise and compelling.  The investigation comes together in a story that helps innovation teams identify, refine and defend exhilarating design solutions.

How? KMG brings consumers together to interact in dynamic ways that coax out fresh insight and ensure valid, actionable input.  The keys are KMG’s unique research formats and breakthrough approaches to creating engaging stimulus sets.

The KMG Design Research approach is customized for each project, but is typically grounded in these principles:

KMG Methodologies allow consumers to help in the ways they are most capable.  That means avoiding groupthink.  Discouraging misleading statements.  Maintaining focus on discrete topics of interest.  And progressing in deductive ways that build knowledge and confidence in consumer input.

Concept Stimuli can take many forms, to be used together or independently.  2D sketches and renderings can be misleading when misused.  Consumer Promise language can provide research-friendly context.  And “Found Objects” can often illustrate form or function without costly prototypes.

Attribute-Oriented Design can help consumers focus on the best approaches to delivering preferred perceptual and functional utility without the confusion often generated by traditional “flashcard” concepts presented in standard-issue focus groups.

If you need to fuel ideaton, screen early-stage concepts or evaluate potential design solutions, ask KMG. Arrange an hour-long phone consultation at no cost. Would you like help in thinking through a particular Design Research challenge?  Submit the info below and we can set up a call or visit with no obligation.

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