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May 22, 2009

BRAND SIMPLE: Innovation Battles Complexity

One of my readers once sent along an e-mail with an innocent enough suggestion for an article topic:  She asked if I could write about achieving simplicity in packaging.  Without question, simplicity in packaging is an intuitively attractive goal.  But a goal fraught with risk and contradiction.  Why is simplicity good?  And, is it attainable in a world of relentlessly increasing complexity?  The answers are yes, and yes.

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THE CONSUMER TRUST CRISIS: What’s The Marketer’s Role?

Consumer trust of major public corporations is on the decline.  Both retailers and manufacturers are seeing their reputations suffer and their brand trust wane. Some contributing factors are beyond brand manager control, but many are not. What do consumers say about how corporations have let them down? What are the forces within the consumer experience that have led to their deepening disappointment?  And what can the Marketer do, through product and package innovation efforts, to help pull consumer trust off a slippery slope?

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